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Connecting the Brasilia Expat Community

The Brasilia 4 Dummies Story

Welcome to the Brasilia 4 Dummies website, brought to you by the Brasilia Hash House Harriers.

The Brasilia 4 Dummies website was created to let members of the expat community in Brasilia share their experiences or ask questions about life in Brasilia.

While we have some great information sources like Living Brasilia Forum and Expat Brasilia on Facebook, it was very clear to the B4D website team that there is a need for a platform that permanently stores information and advice. We saw that on the Facebook pages the same questions were asked again and again because of the high turnover of the Brasilia expat community members in short-term postings in the diplomatic corps or NGOs.

This website is a platform for the Brasilia expat community by the Brasilia expat community.


While we have a team that created the website and administrates it, we do not want to control it. Our aim is that the expat community will embrace this website to share their experiences from restaurants, hard to get foods, foreign language-speaking health professionals to activities in and around Brasilia.

It also serves as a platform where expats can ask questions about the city, bureaucracy, or simple things like where they can take their children for certain activities. There is no such thing as a stupid question, but please do try to extend courtesy to our Brazilian host nation when posting. Although the site is intended for expats, many have Brazilian partners and friends who may use the site as well. Please be respectful to all.

We know that Brasilia is a unique city and is in many ways unlike any other city in the world. It was built in five years and some people call it a planned concrete Lego set. It takes time to get used to it and many people either love it or hate it. A lot of the dislike towards the city has to do with the fear of the unknown.

We hope you participate on the website and help future expats to settle in easier, helping them to enjoy this city more quickly.

And who knows, maybe you will find out something new as well.


Your B4D Website Team

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