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Alex Milnes

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2 September 2021

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11 Oct 2022

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Aussie School - Jardim Botânico

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Jardim Botânico


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DISCLAIMER: This review was submitted by a person associated with the Aussie School, and as such is not the objective opinion of a client. We did not receive any payments or exchange of goods for the publication.

Received via e-mail from Alex Milnes:

” The Aussie School, since its creation, has focused on bilingual immersion. Driven by constructivist and dialogical pedagogy ideals, the school values its students' cultural, social, and educational background, respecting their culture and roots, whether from Brasília, from other states in Brazil or internationally.

The Aussie School proposes to give parents, guardians and the community support and spaces for interaction, which aim at a good relationship between the students, valuing mutual respect and building healthy and lasting bonds, focusing on teamwork and respect. Thus, we seek to build means and environments conducive to meaningful learning processes in a practical way, in which the student is the protagonist of their personal and educational development.

The school follows the Australian curriculum and methodology, celebrates the Australian holidays, and plays many popular sports in Australia, such as Cricket and Touch Rugby.

There are two schools in the Federal District (Jardim Botanico and Park Sul) and one in Rio. In 2022, they plan to expand to Sao Paulo and Recife. After school care will also be provided commencing next year.

Currently, Jardim Botanico provides daycare and pre–K (6 months - 5 years old), and Park Sul provides daycare and pre–K, and the Primary (elementary) school (6 years - 12 years old).”