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+55 61 9125-5858
+55 61 9125-5858

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Speech Therapist

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22 December 2022

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29 Dec 2022

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Brasilia Speech Therapy

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Received via Submit Reviews:

Testimonial 1:
“Jordan is a great person and his skills, added to his outstanding ability to work with children has made us extremely happy with his support to Alex. In addition, he clearly explained the methodology of Orton-Gillingham and the expectation and progress were closely monitored and communicated.”


Testimonial 2:
“Jordan goes above and beyond to support his clients. He is passionate about building confidence and independence through his services, genuinely interested in making a difference in people’s lives. Jordan is a kind person with a big heart; he is positive and always encouraging others to follow their dreams. He will continue to inspire his clients to utilize their strengths in order to pursue their life and career goals.”

Educational Psychologist

Testimonial 3:
“Jordan has a passion for his craft and it is evident in the work he does. Since he joined STEM Prep Schools, we have seen an increase in the confidence and skills of many of our students receiving speech and language services. He has accomplished this through tailoring his therapy sessions to meet the individual needs of our students, collaborating with teachers on best practices, and creating opportunities for students to use their skills in real world settings. Some of these opportunities include an outing to the grocery store and a lunchtime social club. Jordan is dedicated to the students he works with and has been an incredible addition to the STEM Prep family.”

Chief Academic Officer at STEM Preparatory Schools

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