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30 March 2021

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24 Nov 2021

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British School of Brasilia

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Asa Sul/Sudoeste




The British school is located at 708/907, Asa Sul (beside the Alliance Française); its main buildings were designed by Neimeyer. Until recently it was a primary school, but now has added a secondary school, complete with a new head teacher specifically from this section. Most of the teachers are from English speaking countries, especially UK, Ireland, Australia, and many of them appear to have spent time teaching in other countries. As well as the teachers there are teaching assistants assigned to every year.

Teaching follows the British curriculum, and is well structured. The school itself has excellent facilities, including newly added science labs, and a nice library. Security and other auxiliary support is more than adequate. They pay good attention to nutrition. There is plenty of sports, music, art etc. After school activities include tennis, ballet, and others (in normal, non-covid times). The teachers, including the primary school principal (Mrs. Thomas) maintain excellent contact with parents. In normal times there are several events throughout the year to commemorate Carnaval, Christmas, bake sales, etc. all the international schools in Brasilia, it´s very expensive, especially if you are earning your bread in R$. With current exchange rates it´s probably not a problem for those earning foreign currency. Nevertheless, more than half of the students are Brazilian, generally children of doctors, lawyers etc. It´s an exclusive school financially; whether the end educational result is worth it is to be determined. But the pupils love it.

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