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Adriana Ferreira Heery

Date Reccommended

19 January 2023

Date Updated

19 Jan 2023

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Sara Valle

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Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

I would like to recommend Sara Valle as a French teacher.

Sara has been teaching my two girls (13 and 14) for the past two years. Sara is a native French speaker who has a master's in teaching French as a foreign language (with a specialisation in teaching children).

My girls had to learn enough French in 6 months to enter a new school where French would be their second language. Sara worked with the girls for 6 months and gave them a solid base, which made them feel confident when they arrived at the new school.

After we moved to Brussels, the girls had the opportunity to change to a local teacher, but they asked to keep their online classes with Sara, which shows how she can easily create a connection with her students. In our case, she understands our girls' needs and likes.

Classes have different themes and are focused on conversation, while also highlighting grammar and new vocabulary. She can combine different elements and activities according to each student's preferences and needs. Her private tutoring has been on point at helping our girls to do well in French subjects in school and to be able to communicate with other students at school.

We worked with other French teachers before (a private teacher and schoolteachers), but Sara has been far more efficient at delivering content, in my experience. She has an accessible and flexible approach to teaching, which I believe would suit a range of different student profiles.

Besides French, she also speaks English and Portuguese. I hope you consider working with Sara.

Best regards,

Adriana Ferreira Heery

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