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The American School of Brasilia/Escola Americana de Brasilia

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Asa Sul/Sudoeste




The American School of Brasilia/Escola Americana de Brasilia (known as “EAB” in both English and Portuguese) is located at SGAS 605 in Asa Sul. The student population is approximately 60% Brazilian, 20% American and 20% other Internationals. Each classroom is balanced as much as possible to have an equal mix between the genders and different nationalities. Main classroom instruction is all in English. Students separate into two groups for Portuguese classes, with native speakers attending Portuguese language and history classes geared towards attaining the Brazilian diploma, while the non-native speakers attend PLL (Portuguese Language Learners) classes. The high school offers Brazilian, International and IB diploma programs for high school students.

The typical school day runs from 8:00-3:00 (with a 9:00 start on Wednesdays). For a school of its small size, EAB offers a wide range of both curricular and extracurricular activities. Elementary school students have the option of attending after-school activities from 3:00-4:00, including jujitsu, yoga, ballet, cheerleading, Spanish, etc. Middle- and high-school students can choose from sports such as basketball or the music, arts or theatre programs. The school also plans celebrations for the students for major Brazilian holidays, such as Independence Day and Festa Junina, and coordinates with the U.S. Embassy and the FSP (Family-School Partnership organization - similar to a PTO/PTA) to plan U.S. holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For American families working at the embassy, the location is very convenient to the embassy as well as to most of the embassy’s housing in both Lago Sul and the Plano Piloto (Asa Norte, Asa Sul and Sudoeste). The U.S. embassy provides a shuttle that can drop the students off either at home or (during non-covid times) at the embassy, where many of the kids play on the embassy playground or do homework until their parents get off work.

EAB also offers a pre-school program (K3 and K4). Many of the local students attend EAB K3 through Grade 12, however, many American and International parents choose a different alternative for those two years (waiting until K5 to enroll their children at EAB) since they aren’t typically covered by embassy tuition programs, and the cost is quite expensive compared to local options.

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