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17 Mar 2021


7 June 2021



Federal Police (Polícia Federal)



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To be contacted if the following occurs:

· Robbery
· Violent assault
· Stolen or lost documentation
· Sexual Assault
· Burglaries
· Theft
· Fraud
· Terrorism

General Information

The Federal Police is one of the national agencies responsible for law enforcement in Brazil. The Federal Police is under the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The main function of the Polícia Federal is to fight crime against federal organizations; in particular it serves to protect the interests of the federal government.

For the most part, what they tackle consists of organized crime, terrorism and money laundering. In Brazil, because of the high level of gang activity, these criminal activities are efficient and highly organized.

Other notable responsibilities of the Polícia Federal include maritime security, airport security and combatting drug trafficking. The Polícia Federal in Brazil are charged with the protection of foreign heads of state when they visit and also represent INTERPOL in Brazil.

Lastly, the Polícia Federal are responsible for immigration as well, if you need to extend your visa whilst in Brazil for example, you would have to do it through the Polícia Federal.

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