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Brasilia by Motorcycle

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Getting Around


Brasilia is full of motorcycles, mainly the motoboys that zip through the streets like crazy and have a disrespect for their own lives.

These motoboys are delivering everything from food, medicine and other commodities and are paid per delivery. And because the pay is pretty poor, they rely on as many deliveries as possible to make endsmeet. So, most of them disrespect any traffic rules and can be a nuisance.

Many of them also disconnected their exhaust systems so they are loud as hell. They do this so the car drivers can hear them when they approach.

As for riding a motorcycle yourself, it is advised that you take extreme care and constantly watch the traffic around you. Many car drivers drive like maniacs, weaving in and out of lanes at high speeds, making it extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle.

The other problem riding a motorcycle in and around Brasilia are the conditions of the roads. While within Brasilia they are not too bad, around Brasilia they are pretty bad. In some of the potholes you can hide a tank. Especially during the rainy season, they are extremely hard to see as they are filled with water. So watch out.

Having all said that, riding a motorcycle around Brasilia is a real treat. The author of this advice is a motorcycle rider himself and enjoyed many trips on his bike. Other motorcycle riders are extremely helpful and will stop when they see you standing by the side of the road, asking if you need any help.

Brasilia is also the host to the biggest motorcycle meeting in South America. Every year about 30 000 bikers are meeting in Brasilia in July for a 10-day period and bikers come from all over South America. Certainly a impressive sight.

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