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21 Sept 2021

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7 Oct 2021


Mango Season in Brasilia

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When and after Brasilia was built, thousands on thousands of mango trees were planted all over the place; in the quadras, streets and parks. We don’t know if that was intentionally to supply some free mangos to the population or just as shadow trees, but if the mango season hits it can be sweet and it can be a pain in the ass.

Mango season in Brasilia starts about mid-September and last well into November. Everywhere you go you see the huge trees first flowering and then the mangos will start to develop. And then the mangos will either be picked by the locals or fall to the ground and smash.

All well and good, but there are several problems with this season.

Problem number one is that after a while there are so many mangos smashed on the ground and fermenting that the smell is just overbearing. It can literally smell like rotten corps.

Problem number two is that around September the rain season starts and with those high winds and severe storms will hit the city. And that means that a lot of nonripe mangos will fall, and we mean a hell of a lot. And if you are unlucky to have parked a car under a mango tree that means severe damage to your car, from big dents to smashes windscreens.

So while the mangos are a great fruit and tasty, just watch out where you walk or park your car during the mango season.

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