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Maria de Fátima Cake Designer e Cafeteria


Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

I have ordered my son's birthday cakes through Maria de Fatima twice now and I have been very pleased with the quality of cakes and the level of service both times. She will make a custom cake with any theme that you want - you can send a picture of one you would like to copy, or a sketch, or even just some photos and ideas and she will put together an idea for you. For us this was really great because my son chose a couple of non-standard themes (ninja cats one year and cactuses the next year - I've put some pictures below), but she can also do the normal superhero or Disney characters.

You can choose from traditional Brazilian cakes with all the nuts and fillings or do a simpler American-style cake with just cake and frosting. Pre-pandemic you could visit the shop and sit down with an associate to discuss all the options; now they are doing it all on WhatsApp, but the result is just as good. You can also visit the shop just to have a cup of coffee and a pastry if you are in the neighborhood.

She also makes a few dozen(!) varieties of brigadeiros you can put in the guests' treat bags.

The cake prices are a little more expensive than at a standard bakery, but for us the cost was worth it, both for the level of service and the overall quality of the product. It really helped make our son's birthdays special.


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+55 61 99966-2846

+55 61 99966-2846

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