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Welf Herfurth

Date Recommended

6 May 2021

Date Updated

3 June 2021

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Asa Norte/Noroeste




ACOM is a dental clinic, and they are located on the 6th floor in Liberty Mall, SCN Q2, Bloco D – Asa Norte.

The dentist recommended is Debora Backer and she is fantastic. Her English is very good and she is very professional.

Most importantly she is honest, and she will not tell you that you need certain treatments or procedures that are not necessary. Do not laugh, that is very common here with not only dentists, but other health professionals, when they hear that you are a gringo. There are also cases where the price of a treatment doubled when the health professional realized that you are not Brazilian.

You can WhatsApp Debora on +55 61 98150-4666. She might be a bit slow in answering but eventually she will.

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