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Ipês Blossoming Season in Brasilia

Ipe tree flowers yellow

Brasília transforms into a breathtaking masterpiece during a specific period of the year. From June to September, Brasília adorns itself with vibrant colors as the magnificent ipês trees come into full bloom and merge with the azure sky, eclipsing the verdant greenery and battling the somber gray tones of the urban landscape.

The ipês trees' resplendent display during this time of the year holds a purpose deeply rooted in nature. These majestic trees, known for their sturdy trunks and delicate flowers, choose to bloom during the winter months when the humidity is low, and the water table reaches its deepest point. In a remarkable feat of survival, the thirsty ipês trees extend their roots far into the ground, desperately searching for the life-giving water they need. Each ipês trees flowers for about two weeks before turning back into a dull tree of only dry branches.

Ipes trees different colors

Brasília boasts an impressive number of ipês trees, with over 270 thousand of these beauties adorning the city, as reported by Novacap. Each variety of ipês tree blooms in different months, presenting a sequence of colors that further enhances the enchantment of this natural phenomenon.

· The purple ipês flowers grace the cityscape in June and July, casting a mesmerizing aura,

· the yellow ipês blossoms, captivating viewers throughout July, August, and September,

· at the end of August, the pink ipês flowers make a captivating appearance,

· and finally in September, the white ipês blossoms emerge, completing the symphony of colors.

The annual flowering of the ipês trees in Brasília serves as a reminder of the resilience and beauty of nature. These remarkable trees demonstrate their ability to thrive even in the harshest conditions, symbolizing the strength and tenacity of the Brazilian people.

Ipes App Logo

There is now a free app called “Ipês” that can be downloaded that shows you the location of the ipês trees in Brasilia. One can also upload photos and locations of ipês trees, improving the app and sharing your experience with others.


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