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2 July 2022

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2 July 2022

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Anita Karatkevich – Yoga Instructor

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Physical & Mental Health



Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

"Hi, my name is Leticia! I'm 28 years old and I started taking private Yoga lessons with Professor Anita almost 2 years ago. The practice of Hatha Yoga has changed practically everything in my life. Not only physically but mentally too! Anita is a great facilitator of Yoga practice and always very attentive"

"In two months of yoga I already feel a significant transformation in flexibility, disposition and body improvement. I am 67 years old, I have a heart condition, I have diabetes and these factors are of elementary importance for my health. Gratitude to Master Anita"

"What does my body say? He says he loves me when I breathe. He says I have soul which I inspire. I am unique. Yoga changed small habits like breathing, sleeping, eating, keeping me in harmony with my own body, but with lightness, safety, and authenticity"

Additional information about Anita:

Anita is Belarusian with good English abilities and teaches Yoga since 3 years in Brasilia. She is practicing Hatha-Yoga since 8 years, graduating from the International School of Yoga in Russia.

Anita will come to your house and apartment for the Yoga classes and before taking up Yoga with her she will conduct an assessment about the student’s health, Yoga experience and what they expect from the classes. Than Anita and the students will set short- and long-term goals. Anita stresses that every student is unique, has different Yoga experiences and different reasons why they want to learn or improve their Yoga.

Anita provides private and group classes, keeping in mind that it is important to give each student her full attention. Classes will last for one hour and for group sessions she will provide a discount. And Anita gives the first Yoga class as well as the assessment for free.

And if you need Yoga equipment, she will happily point you in the right direction where you will get it.

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