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+55 61 98123-8585

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2 Sept 2021

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Cat Concierge Hotel

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Lago Norte

Animal Services



Cat Concierge Hotel is a cat hotel located in Lago Norte where you can leave your cat on a short- or long-term base. It is owned and operated by Gabi, who is a trained veterinary nurse, since 2010. Gabi took several courses in feline behavior and the facilities where the cats stay was inspired by European and USA designs.

Cats are not held in cages, but individual rooms with plenty of cots, scratchers and toys.

Gabi also offers consultancy services at your home for inappropriate urination, aggressiveness, excessive meowing, scratching in inappropriate places as well as separation anxiety.

To stay at the Cat Concierge Hotel your cat must be neutered, up to date with vaccinations, dewormed and must be flea controlled. Also, a negative FIV/Felv exam must be presented.

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