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Klaus Gerstenmayer

Date Recommended

25 June 2021

Date Updated

25 June 2021

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Clinica Do Carro

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Asa Sul/Sudoeste

Cars & Motorbikes



Received via e-mail from Klaus Gerstenmayer:

"Clinica do Carro is owned and operated by Figueredo and he loves everything cars. To say he is a car nut is an understatement.

He is servicing and repairing my imported Hyundai Tucson BJ 2006 4WD Diesel since I arrived here 6 years ago, and he is doing a tremendous job. Since the car is imported it is sometimes difficult to find the right parts. And many car owners that have imported cars can tell you long stories about finding parts here in Brazil.

Figueredo is a detective in finding the right replacement parts and if he does not find them here in Brazil, he has contacts in Argentina that will find it for him and arrange it to be shipped to Brasilia. And he will not rest until your car is running 100%.

Besides repair jobs they are also providing normal services and diagnostic checks. Their work is first class and the prices very reasonable.

Besides me I know several other expats that go there for normal services and repair jobs so I highly recommend Clinica do Carro."

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