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+55 61 99916-8715

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Paloma Terra & Mirella Medina

Date Recommended

8 Sept 2022

Date Updated

8 Sept 2022

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Dawn Marie Chaloux - Massage Therapist

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Asa Norte/Noroeste




Recommendations via Submit Reviews:

Recommendation #1

Dawn Marie Chaloux is an excellent massage therapist. Her many years of experience combined with her impeccable work ethics and warm disposition makes her a wonderful person to work with.

Dawn’s massage is thorough and deep tissue. I have known Dawn since 2009 when both of us were arriving to live in Brasilia. Throughout the years I had many occasions to interact with her as a family friend, a massage client and a coworker attending births as my birth assistant. I can say without a doubt that Dawn is a loving person, the most wonderful mother to her four children and a trustworthy person with impeccable work ethics.

When you get a massage with Dawn you are not only getting a skilled and experienced massage therapist but also someone who seeks to understand the depth of the human experience through the lenses of holistic and loving care work. Everything Dawn does, both in her personal and professional lives, is always filled with care, efficiency and careful study. All that without losing sight of what matters the most: our humanity.

A massage with Dawn is worth every penny and every second! You won’t regret it!

Paloma Terra
Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)

Recommendation #2

Please let this letter serve as my recommendation for Dawn Marie Chaloux as a massage therapist for your organization.

Dawn was our massage therapist while living in Brazil on a five-year work assignment. She has many years of experience and served several diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Brazil. She was always on time, very professional with such a great personality. She has an amazing talent and clearly understands the body.

Every session was tailored to how she read our bodies and I was always amazed at how accurate she was. She was the best and we were sad when it was time to leave Brazil. I believe her skills and great connection with people will make her a tremendous asset to your organization. She is very reliable and provides quality care. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Mirella Medina

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