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4 Apr 2022

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4 Apr 2022

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Itamarati Assistência Técnica

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Novice and professional photographers find servicing and repairing cameras in Brazil difficult, it is especially so in Brasilia. There is a place, however, where you can take care of every phase of camera repair and maintenance for both electronic and mechanical models: Itamarati Assistência Técnica. It is one of the few stores that specialize in servicing and repairing photographic equipment in the capital; the owner Pedro can also look after your monoculars and even telescopes.

Despite Canon still selling photographic equipment here in Brazil, all the service facilities are in São Paulo. Nikon announced in 2017 that they will stop selling all their photographic equipment and closed its service facilities in Brazil in 2017.

That meant that if your Nikon photographic equipment needed to be serviced or repaired, you had to wait until you return overseas or send it to the service center in the US.

Not anymore now that you know about Itamarati Assistência Técnica right here in the Distrito Federal.

With over 40 years’ experience in repairing everything optical, Pedro, a friendly and knowledgeable man, is by far the most qualified person in Brasilia to look after your expensive photographic equipment, cameras, flashes, scopes, binoculars and more... He also has a passion collecting and restoring old cameras, runs an exchange market, and he speaks some English.

Located in Trecho 7, Feira do SIA do Distrito Federal in Guara, finding the store can be a bit tricky as it is hidden away behind Feira do Paraguai in SIA. Just look for the window displaying cameras, vintage equipment, and parts - a trip through the history of cameras that is a treat in itself.

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