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Dileep Kumar

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26 July 2021

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26 July 2021

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Jnana Mandiram - Templo de Sabedoria

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Lago Norte

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Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

Jnana Mandiram is an entirely free, non-profit, spiritual, cultural, and educational center. Guidance and teachings come from “Sri Bajarangadas Kuti”, based in Chicot Khera, on the banks of the sacred Narmadá River, in the central Indian forest.

This Temple will spread the spiritual message of VEDA, which is not only the most sacred scripture in India but is the perennial source of Wisdom as well.

It is in the fire of self-knowledge that all sin is burned, and the purified human being realizes that it is not a mortal entity, but the "Son of Eternity." As in every atom, there is atomic energy, in every man divinity is eternally present, and the manifestation of this divinity is the purpose of human life. This is only possible by wisdom that is reflected as devotion to emotions and as a sacrifice in action.

The Veda says, "Truth is One, but the wise interpret it in many ways." Sure that Jnana Mandiram's doors will be open to everyone, without taking into account their religion, nationality, region, color, or political faith. In the sacred enclosures of the Temple, everyone must forget all deference and devote their lives to the sacred feet of God, which is no different from the SUPREME TRUTH.

The founders of the Temple receive inspiration from the high ideals of Hinduism. For us, it's a great honor. As modest Hindus, know well that Hindu culture accepts the greatness and importance of all cultures. In the garden of the world flowers of diverse cultures have the right to flower. The exchange of cultural virtues is an immediate necessity of humanity. Without adopting the universal perspective, no culture can inspire man's soul. Jnana Mandiram must present to humanity the universal aspect of Hinduism.

Without practicing spirituality, no one can effectively propagate it: only one lighted lamp can illuminate others. Therefore, the practice should be the first interest of all members of the Temple. Propagation is secondary.

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