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+55 61 9991-7522


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Hans J. Helgert

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17 July 2021

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5 Dec 2021

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JSR Engenharia

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To get a good plumber or electrician in Brasilia is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The problem is that most of the people that call themselves electricians have no real qualifications and learned the basics from their friends. If you talk to other expats about trade services here in Brasilia you will hear some real horror stories (for example we know one expat that had is house completely rewired, but the electrical system on the second floor had not no safety fuses installed).

So if you are after a real good electrician, please contact Jesus dos Santos Ribeiro from JSR Engenharia. Jesus has a degree in electrical engineering and postgraduates in occupational safety and power engineering as well as a master’s degree in renewable energy.

Jesus worked for a lot of expats here in Brasilia and everybody that uses his services talks very highly about his professionalism and his skills. He is also the main electrician for the German embassy.

Jesus is also very honest and will not recommend any work that is not needed, unlike many other tradespeople. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak any English.

While he is not the cheapest around, his work is excellent and worth every penny.

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