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+55 61 9199-5371
+55 61 9199-5371


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Colleen Jagoe

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10 July 2021

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10 July 2021

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Mauro - Outdoor Furniture Repair

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Now if you have some outdoor patio furniture, chances are that they will need to be repaired sooner or later. The harsh Brazilian sun as well as wear and tear over the years will take its toll on them. Now you can either throw them out or have them repaired.

Mauro is specializing in repairing all sort of outdoor furniture and he is excellent. When you contact him he will ask you to send him some pictures of the furniture you want repaired and he will give you an estimate. Once you except the estimate, Mauro will come to your house and do the job right there.

Mauro’s work is exceptional, and the furniture will look like new. And the best thing is that the prices are very reasonable and much cheaper than replacing the furniture.

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