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If one has an imported car or a luxury vehicle in Brazil, getting spare parts or even service parts can be a real challenge. A lot of times, mechanical workshops replace service parts with low quality parts, or they do not have parts in stock for imported vehicles

Thankfully here in Brasilia My Import can help. They specialize in sourcing and supplying service and spare parts, even importing them from overseas, for high-end and imported vehicles.

My Import can get parts for high-end imported cars like BMW, Audi, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or even Bentley to name a few.

The owner of My Import, Nick Ingrisano, is an American from Chicago, and has lived in Brasilia for 8 years. He has a background of mechanical engineering and ran a high-performance mechanical workshop here in Brasilia for several years. He realized very soon that high quality service and spare parts are hard to come by here in Brazil, so he founded his own company to fill the demand.

Since then, My Import has established a sizable stock of quality and original service parts, like filters, brake pads and shock absorbers for imported cars. They also established connections to a vast network of OEM parts suppliers in Brasil, so if they do not have a part in stock, they will be able to get it to Brasilia within a couple of days. And if the required parts cannot be sourced within Brazil, they can be imported from overseas, which can take between 20 and 40 days, depending on the country of origin. Summing things up, very few parts are out of reach.

Besides supplying parts, My Import also offers a pre-purchase personalized inspection service to help identify existing and potential faults.

And if one is looking for a specialist mechanical workshop for certain models, Nick is more than happy to recommend trusted and able ones.

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