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+55 61 99970-2964
+55 61 99970-2964


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Ana Feirreir

Date Recommended

27 Dec 2022

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27 Dec 2022

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Rogério Resende

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Received via Submit Review:

It is said that Brasilia alone has over 40,000 pianos standing around in hotels, mansions, houses and apartments, so one would think that they are a lot of piano tunes in town. Wrong. They are only a few and by far the best is Rogerio Resende.

With over 45 years’ experience in tuning pianos, Rogério is the preferred tuning specialist by many embassies, including the USA, Germany, Switzerland to name a few. And most of the hotels are using him as well.

Besides tuning pianos, Rogério also established a museum of pianos, renovates and builds his own pianos as well as sells and rents them. Just talk to him about your needs and he will certainly be able to help you.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak Portuguese, but he certainly knows how to make your piano play perfectly.

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