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+55 61 99136-0920
+55 61 99136-0920

Portuguese, French, English

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Sara Whipple

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20 Feb 2023

Date Updated

20 Feb 2023

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Tiago Vicente

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Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

I’d like to recommend my new dog trainer. We adopted a rescue dog about 6 months ago and she has trouble socializing with other dogs and is terrible walking on a leash. In four sessions, Tiago has made amazing progress.

He’s new to Brasilia from Portugal. As you can see from his card, he’s been training dogs for 15 years. He trained guide dogs in Portugal. He even brought his three dogs to help socialize my girl.

He speaks French and some English, but we’ve been communicating in Portuguese. Also, good practice if you want to train your ear to the Portuguese accent.

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