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12 Feb 2022

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12 Feb 2022

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Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

Hello everyone. We left Brasilia last July, but our last family member - our cat - had to stay back and await transport routes and medical processes and a few covid related delays. He is finally back with us and on his way to his new home in England.

I just wanted to say that we had a very good experience using Transcontrol for pet transportation services. Flying a cat into the UK was very complex and they helped us work out all our best options. Their fees were reasonable (it’s all very expensive, but most of the cost comes from the airline not the pet transportation service). For us it worked out best to fly our cat to Brussels. And we drove from the UK to collect him. Bare in mind that local airports may impose additional fees which will be payable upon collection of your pet. For example, we paid €170 at Brussels airport to release our cat from the handlers.

If anyone needs any advice, or tips, do not hesitate to message me (I will depart the group now).

Knowledgeable vet for international travel (speaks English too):
Letícia at Criapet, Lago Sul

Contact at Transcontrol: Peter Walvis (speaks English) WhatsApp: +55 11 97685-1228

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