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24 Nov 2021

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24 Nov 2021

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Bento Viana Galeria

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Lago Sul

Specialty Store

Monday to Friday, 12:00 - 19:00


Looking for something unique from Brasilia to take to your home country, or a special gift for friends and family, there is no way around visiting Bento Vina Galeria in Lago Sul.

Bento Viana Galeria opened its doors in 2018, after Bento Viana accumulated over half a million images in his 27 years as a photographer. His dream was to make the material available to the public, and to create a space for photographers in Brasilia where they can share information and experiences.

Since than Bento Viana Galeria has established itself as one of most respected photography galleries in Brazil, thanks to the staunchly independent vision of Bento Viana.

Besides being an art gallery, Bento Viana Galeria is also outfitted with the lastest equipment to print high quality photos and restore old photos. And they also hold public lectures as well as photographic courses.

Bento Viana photographed all over Brazil and the world, including landscapes, people, animals and architecture, and the gallery reflects his work with breathtaking stunning photos.

Besides the pictures in the gallery, you can choose from several different catalog’s pictures from his work in Brazil and around the world (the catalogues can be requested by anybody and will be send electronically). And they will print to order in any size one wishes.

Bento Viana Galeria also sells several coffee tables books, including Do Céu, Brasília that takes you on a journey through this city.