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Heather Torrance

Date Recommended

20 May 2021

Date Updated

16 Oct 2021

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Bio Mundo

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Specialty Food Store

7 Days a Week


Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

There are several BioMundo locations throughout the city. If you are looking for bulk foods such as nuts, dried fruits, etc., or items for a special diet, this place is perfect. Generally, each of their locations has the following:

Bulk items: nuts, dried fruits, spices, including some unusual fruits (for Brazil) like dehydrated apples
Keto/low carb: bulk coconut flour, bulk psyllium husk, packaged almond flour, packaged xylitol
Bodybuilding: protein powders, whey powder
Diabetic: packaged sugar-free snacks
Vitamins and supplements

The staff is very helpful, but please note that they prefer to package the bulk items for you, rather than customers helping themselves.

The location at 110/111 North has a nice cafe where you can order a smoothie or a healthy lunch or get pre-packaged salads and lunch items to go.

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