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31 Dec 2022

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31 Dec 2022

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Egon’s Supermercado

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Received via Submit Review:

Egon’s Supermercado is located 55 kilometres from the center of Brasília, and while many would think that this is a long way to go shopping, this place is well worth it.

Before you reach the little town where Egon’s is located, you drive through a rural area that is dominated by corn and soy fields and, depending on the season, sunflower fields that are an amazing sight when they are in full flower. The area was set up by the founders of Brasília to be an agricultural area by the Projeto de Assentamento Dirigido do Distrito Federal (PAD-DF) and it attracted people from all over Brazil to work on the land.

Egon Prediger, a son of parents with German heritage, arrived here in the 1980 from a German settlement in Rio Grande do Sul to work on the soybean crops. But he soon realised that there was a need for a restaurant to feed the workers, so he and his wife set up one up. They also realised that a supermarket was needed to serve the local population with essential items like meat, vegetables, agricultural goods, and everyday items.

Egon’s Supermercado was born. It has since grown from a 400m2 shop to nearly 2000m2 today. The supermarket is owned and operated by the Prediger family.

When you enter the store it looks like every small country supermarket, but extremely clean and airy. You see all the goods for sale like in every other country store, from cowboy hats, work boots, cachaça, pet food, vegetables, etc.

But then you find row after row of herbs and spices from the brand Familia Prediger. And I mean herbs and spices that you will rarely find in Brasília. Egon’s is famous for its charcuterie, producing various salamis, as well as fresh and smoked sausages. The salami is simply divine.

The butchery section contains a huge selection of various cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. You can also find sausages like black and white blood sausages, Frankfurters, Kraków’s, smoked hams, as well as pickled vegetables in all sizes.

During our visit Jandir Prediger mentioned that all the fresh vegetables and meats are organic and sourced from the surrounding area. The herbs and spices are also organic, as well as all the ingredients for the salamis.

To top it all off, the prices are much lower compared to Brasilia. You will be surprised by the quality of the products, and what they cost you.

There is a restaurant, called Pad Bier Restaurante, on the other side of the street which has a small beer garden attached. Food is per kilo with a choice from a buffet. Again, the quality and pricing is fantastic. On weekends, especially Saturdays, it is a popular hangout for motorcycle riders from Brasilia.

All in all, a great experience; a great drive through farmlands, top quality meats and herbs, and a great restaurant. Definitely worth the drive.