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10 Apr 2021

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4 June 2021

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Feira dos Importados de Brasília

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Tuesday to Sunday


Feira dos Importados de Brasília is the place to go for stores for electronics, computers, mobile phone repair, sporting equipment, cloths, outdoor adventure, optometrist, LED supplies, batteries, mobile phone protective cases and screen covers, cloths and so much more. It is a maze with small booths selling all sorts of stuff and a favorite place for many expats to go and spend some time there. Around the main market you will find many shops that sell food, nuts and aftermarket car equipment.

This place is a busy hub and a lot of fun. The reason why the Brasilia people call it Feira do Paraguay is that most of the stuff you can buy here is coming from China via Paraguay.

SECURITY WARNING: This place is known for pickpocketing, so please keep care of your valuables.

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