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18 Dec 2021

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18 Dec 2021

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Garden Centers - Lago Norte

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Lago Norte

Garden Center

7 Days a Week


Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

Close to Asa Norte and Lago Norte, in the Área Especial 3 Polo Verde Shin, one can find a cluster of garden centers, some with coffee shops inside.

Here you can find everything that you need for your garden and indoor plants, from plants, flowers, herbs, garden tools, fertilizers, pebbles, pots, garden furniture and ornaments. The selection of indoor and outdoor plants is amazing, and you can find some very exotic Brazilian plants and flowers here. There is one garden center specializing in cactuses.

The staff of the garden centers are all very attentive and can give you advise not only about plants, but also what treatment you need to get to fight garden pests and plant funguses.

If you buy plants in bulk, it is worth asking for a cheaper price. They can also arrange delivery of the products as well as recommend you gardeners.

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