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19 May 2022

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19 May 2022

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General Information about Hardware & DIY stores

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In Brasilia

Hardware & DYI Store


Small & big hardware stores

You will find little hardware stores in nearly every commercial quadra and while they look rather small, do not be fooled – they have a lot to offer.

In most of the stores you can buy anything like electrical supplies, gardening tools, electrical tools, plumbing supplies, and voltage transformers to name a few things. You can also purchase nails, screws, washers, etc by weight. To find an English-speaking person in these shops is rather unlikely, but the staff is mostly very friendly and helpful.

There are also two big LeyRoy Merlin stores in Brasilia; one in Asa Sul and one in Asa Sul. They are French owned and have a huge selection on hardware, tiles, garden supplies, plants, kitchen stuff, etc. It is a really great place, but also extremely expensive. One has to pay for convenience. One noticeable thing about LeyRoy Merlin is that most of the time you find more staff than customers in the stores.

So our recommendation is to buy from the smaller stores as they are much cheaper and you help a small business.

Compare prices in and around Brasilia

Brasilia is expensive. Full stop. Really expensive. And if you are a gringo, you most likely will get hit with a gringo tax on top. Not only for hardware but for everything else as well.

The rule is, that if you buy stuff just outside of Brasilia it is about 30% cheaper. So if you have a big renovation or garden project it would be advisable to shop around outside Brasilia. Most hardware stores in the surroundings also have free delivery, but better check that out with the store.

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