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18 May 2021

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4 June 2021

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JK Ferragens Hardware Store

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Asa Norte/Noroeste

Hardware & DIY Store

Monday to Saturday


Arguably one of the best hardware stores in Asa Norte is JK Ferragens located at SCLRN 705 on W3.

Do not be fooled by the first impression when you see the store, not really big and absolutely chaotic. There is stuff hanging from the ceiling and the shelves are stacked. The service counter is in the back of the store and always busy.

But this shop has everything; you can buy nails, screws, nuts, etc by weight, get electrical transformers, tools, gardening tools. They have everything from plumbing, electrical to hydraulics.

The staff is immensely helpful and will find everything you require. And if they do not have it, they will give you advice where to find it.

And the prices are very reasonable for Brasilia and you will not get hit by a gringo tax.

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