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Robert Pogue

Date Recommended

21 Jan 2023

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21 Jan 2023

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La Palma - Asa Sul

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Asa Sul/Sudoeste

Specialty Food Store

Monday to Saturday


Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

La Palma is a small gourmet supermarket but don’t be fooled by the size. They stock over 10 000 items, and it is a must-go place for people that are looking for quality products, many of which are still rare in Brasilia.

Here you get a large range of fruits and vegetables, many of them grown on the owner’s farm. So the chances to find some Asian vegetables that are nowhere else available in Brasilia are very good.

They also have one of the biggest spice selections in Brasilia and sell special cuts of Duck, wild boar as well as pasta, and a big selection of flour. They also stock delicacies like truffles, vanilla, and snails to name a few.

The only drawback is that some of the products are way more expensive than at Casa de Doces e Queijos.

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