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16 Oct 2021

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16 Oct 2021

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Online Shopping in Brazil

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Online Shopping


Online shopping has drastically improved over the last few years and there are many companies that specialize selling different products. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the most popular online shopping websites in Brazil.

1. Mercado Livre Brazil

Mercado Livre was founded in Argentina in 1999 and is the South American equivalent to eBay. Not a surprise as eBay purchased nearly 20% in 2001 in the company which it sold in 2016.

Like eBay, Mercado Livre Brazil’s platform is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Companies as well as private people sell their products here and you can pay via bolettos or credit/debit cards.

Over the past years Mercado Livre Brazil invested heavily in their own delivery services, so if you buy from the platform, it is relatively quick to arrive at your doors. But please keep in mind that we are in Brazil and the distances are vast.

2. Amazon Brazil

Amazon started operating in Brazil in 2012, but only limited with selling Kindle and digital books. 2014 they expanded the business with selling physical editions and in November 2017 they opened the marketplace for Brazilian retailers like Submarino, Americanas and Via Varejo. In other words, they are a pretty new edition to online selling in Brazil, but the rate of expansion is impressive. Currently the distribution centers are all located in the state of Sao Paulo, but that will change quickly.

3. Lojas Americanas

Lojas Americanas is one of the oldest stores in Brazilia and was founded in 1929. The concept was to sell products as cheap as possible, like the $1 stores in the USA. They are the Brazilian equivalent to Amazon.

Besides having physical stores all over Brazil, Loja Americanas started to sell their products over the internet in 1999 and is still one of the biggest internet retailers to date.

4. Promobit

One of the best websites to buy whitegoods and electronics is Promobit. an online portal that features special offers from some of Brazil’s major stores like Extra, Americana, Magazine Luzia to name a few.

Basically, here you find all the specials from different stores as well as discount coupons, which one can use to buy products cheaper. To get the special discount on Promobit, just select one of the partner stores to check all the currently available vouchers. Just enter the promo code at the end of the purchase and the discount is deducted from the final value.

Another good function of the website is that you can tag products and put a price alert on it. So if the company lowers the price, you will get an alert. Some of these price drops can be up to 50% and they only last a few hours.

Buying from Promobit has the advantage that a lot of the offers are from stores that have warehouses of physical locations in Brasilia, so the good can literally be delivered the next day to your place.

5. Buscape

Buscape is another online shop which is great for electronics and whitegoods. It works exactly like Promobite, with the major difference being that it will show you all the price points from the different suppliers on one page. So it is very easy to price check the different offers.

Of course there are many more online shopping portals here in Brazil, but the ones mentioned above are the most popular ones.

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