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Dancing Academy

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Mona Berg Jægger

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12 Aug 2022

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12 Aug 2022

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Bailarinas Por que Não?!

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In Brasilia

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Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

A truly unique dance school in Brasilia, the “Bailarinas Por que Não?!” is a studio for dancing and wellness focused exclusively on adults. In its core is the breaking of preconceptions regarding age, gender and shapes when it comes to dancing – and especially ballet.

BPN students come from all backgrounds and ages. Many did ballet at a younger age but dropped out as pressure to go professional gradually increased. After years without dancing, they now express having finally found a place that understands and caters for their needs. Others, like myself, starting to live the ballerina dream at a later stage in life. I took it up when I was about 45, and ballet at BPN has given me so much joy, in addition to improved confidence, posture, and new friends, just to mention a few.

The facilities, located in 503 Asa Sul, are fresh and charming. The school’s atmosphere is very friendly and it really sets out to be a second home of sorts, sporting a café where people can hang out before or after class.

Important to stress that Bailarinas Por que Não? is not all about classical ballet, there are many other modalities, like Contemporary Dance, Afro-Brazilian Dances, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Samba. There are also a number of dance-related activities, like dance workouts and rhythmical stretching classes. The school also offers Floor Pilates, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, among others. There’s something for everyone at BPN. Even special, absolute beginner’s ballet classes for persons aged 60+.

Teachers are experienced and welcoming. Not all of them speak English, but the universal language of dance resolves most obstacles. BPN actively reaches out to the international community in Brasilia: Cláudia, the school’s founder and executive director, is married to a former Swedish diplomat. There are discounts for expats, and special arrangements can be made for groups wanting to join.

Whether an experienced dancer or absolute beginner: if you’re looking for a warm, friendly studio - a sanctuary for adults of all ages - make sure to check BPN out.

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