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28 May 2021

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26 July 2021

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Best Places for a Sunday Morning Jog

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In Brasilia

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I just want to throw out my three favorite places to jog. If you have other ideas, please add them!

1. Parque da Cidade. I like the trails here because they're nowhere near roads - I can run without having to stop for cars, and I don't have to worry about getting hit by a bicycle. Also, we can make a family outing out of it. While I'm running, my husband can be watching my son playing on the playground.

2. Eixao do Lazer. On Sundays, the Eixao is closed to traffic. Sometimes we ride bikes, and sometimes we just jog. Often we stop at one of the bouncy castles for our son to play for a while, or we get Dunkin' Donuts and a coffee afterward.

3. Parque Olhos d'Agua. Like Parque da Cidade, Olhos d'Agua is a great because there are no bikes or traffic to worry about there in the park, there are playgrounds for the kids, and it's very clean (no pets allowed inside). After your run you can grab a coconut water from the front gate to replenish your electrolytes, or stop by La Boutique (the French bakery) and undo all of your good work by eating croissants.

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