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Brasilia Graffiti

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I know brasilienses are very proud of their city, but for me the architecture is kind of boxy and boring, and all the neighborhoods look so similar that I have a hard time remembering where things are or navigating the city. But the bright side of this is that there are a lot of big, blank surfaces for graffiti artists to express themselves.

Brasilia has a very active graffiti arts scene. And the surprising thing to me is that it is professional! Yes, the grafiteiros here are actually commissioned for their art. Which means instead of being painted over or disrespected and ruined by other people, the big beautiful murals often stay around for years and are taken care of by others.

Some of the graffiti is visible from the streets as you drive past, but the best way to enjoy the graffiti here is just to go for a walk or a jog through the neighborhoods. You rarely see graffiti on the sides of residential buildings, but often the neighborhood associations commission painting for the sides of the community quadra building, or the four walls of the utility buildings in the center of each quadra. You'll be able to see those best from the green spaces in the center of the quadras.

Many of the grafiteiros here in Brasilia have Instagram accounts, where you can view their work, and sometimes even contact them to order commissioned pieces to hang in your house or have them do a mural! Here are the Instagrams of some of the more famous artists. In the comments, please add your own favorite photos of Brasilia graffiti, links to articles or websites about Brasilia graffiti, etc.

Douglas Kordyal:
Omik&Toys joint account:
Brixx Furtado:

If you have guests in town and want a tour of the best graffiti in town, contact a tour operator such as Mr. Brasilia.

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