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26 Oct 2021

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26 Oct 2021

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Clube Vizinhança

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In Brasilia

Neighborhood & Social Clubs

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Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

When Brasilia was designed, the urban architect Lucio Coista’s vison was to create self-sufficient living quadras, including schools, residence and commercial areas, leisure and culture centers and churches. And the plan was to have neighborhood clubs in each of these quadras, serving as a meeting place and leisure area. Well, that was the plan – but it never was put into action. The only neighborhood club that was put into reality was Clube Social de Unidade Vizinhança nº 1, serving the community in the super quadras 107, 108, 307 and 308 in Asa Sul.

Clube Vizinhança, founded in 1961, is a huge neighborhood club that not only offers sport and recreational areas, but also has grill areas, kids play areas, a ballroom, restaurants, a beauty salon, a fully equipped gym and of course several swimming pools. And they have a huge sauna as well.

Sport activities include basketball, capoeira, football, yoga, swimming, tennis, volleyball and martial arts classes like Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

If one is looking to book a room for a party or a BBQ area, the club offers several options to choose from.

Best of all is the price. While other social clubs in Brasilia can cost you thousands of reais, Clube Vizinhança charges you a one-off joining fee of R$500 and then a monthly fee of R$165 per family or R$125 per individual. And that is a pretty good deal for all the things you get.

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