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Photography Courses, Beginner To Advanced Level

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12 Jan 2023

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12 Jan 2023

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Diana Bracarense

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Recommendation via Submit Reviews:

Testimony #1

"Without a doubt Diana's course changed my photography forever. Prior to taking the course I only knew how to shoot photos in Auto Mode. Since my 3rd or 4th class, I have only shot in Manual.

In the beginning there were frustrations, but once I understood how to manipulate ISO, Speed, and Aperture the quality of my photos drastically improved. The clarity of the photos is so much clearer. I love using a low aperture to blur the background and have clear focus on the foreground.

It has made family portraits 100 times better. I am still practicing in different settings and with different lighting to improve my results. Another great outcome from the course is my understanding of Lightroom and Photoshop. Prior to the course I had no experience with these programs, but now I have learned how to improve my photos. If I do not capture enough light or have a little grain in my photo, I can fix these things later in Lightroom. I recommend the course for any novice or intermediate photographer. You will gain knowledge that will forever impact your photography."

-Chantelle Kenny

Testimony #2

"I loved Diana Bracarense's Photography Course.
Diana is an amazing patient teacher and I learned so much. When the class began, I did not know much about photography, and I didn't even own a DSLR camera. By the time the course was finished I had a good understanding of the history and methods of photography.

Diana uses multiple techniques to teach her students. She gives an oral presentation accompanied by a well-organized Presentation that gives a clear visual example of topics such as aperture and shutter speed.

I was fascinated by how drastically one can alter their photos in the editing portion of the course. We learned how to use Lightroom, and Photoshop and which program is best for the type of edits you want to make.

Diana is an extremely knowledgeable yet easy-going person who is happy to share her experiences and tricks of the trade. This course has certainly inspired me and created a new passion in my life.
I am so happy I will be able to better document my family's adventures with high quality photos.
I would highly recommend Diana's Photo Class to anyone looking to enrich their photography skills."

- Jacqueline Casas

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