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Milan Sime Martinic

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8 Jan 2022

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8 Jan 2022

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Empório Casa da Uva

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Received from Milan Sime Martinic via Submit Reviews:

Out past Sobradinho toward Vale de Amanecer, off Rota 61 DF in Planaltina, a pleasant surprise lies just to the side of the road in the form of the Empório Casa da Uva. Literally, a grape emporium house, but it is so much more. Fronted by a “lojinha” in a house-like structure, it is a unique general store selling everything from an unrepentantly pulpy and strong grape juice which you can buy fresh or frozen to take home, to bottle-aged wine, to throwback trinkets, cured meats, vintage candy, and pickled foods you haven't seen in decades along with artisanal and colonial foods. There are also homemade grape-based breads, myriad skins, and some of the best churrasco in Brasilia, at considerably reasonable prices served on tables on the wraparound porch. If you are lucky, you will sit by the grill and get a chance to chat with the owner and chief churrasquero.

The high quality and good prices are the work of the gaucho owners of the 100-hectare farm and vineyard, which also produces all the vegetables masterfully served with the food The store and restaurant have been around for only a few decades, but the working farm has been the work of love of nearly a century, work in progress that will soon add a full-blown Churrasqueria adjoining the general store.

If you want to take your love for a walk in the vineyards followed by a romantic and meditative swing, there is no better place than under the trellis of plants and flowers marinated in birdsong and bougainvillea blossoms that stands as a sentinel along the corner of the veranda. The walk on the soft, fallen petals will leave you with saudades for the return of laughter and play. In all, it is a short trip from the city, one that would have you enjoying this island of grape- and country-themed respite from the monotony of the district. They are open for lunch and shopping every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

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