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Sebastian Somer

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14 Mar 2022

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14 Mar 2022

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Espaço Aroeira

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In Brasilia

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You would be forgiven for not knowing about one of the most charming places in Brasilia— Espaço Aroeira, as you come into the Setor de Habitações Individuais Norte, SHIN, plant nurseries to your right, at the beginning of Lago Norte. In fact, I have been going to the plants stores nearly every two months for at least 5 years and did not know it was there. Espaço Aroeira is located at the back of all the nursery stores. I set foot in it for the first time recently, and wow.

At the entry to this little oasis is by the outdoor seating from Café Auoreira. It is a beautiful little café that has a limited menu, but what they serve is excellent and very inexpensive. In their outdoor seating area, you are surrounded by beautiful plants and a little pond (with a warning sign that you might get an electrical shock if you enter the pond).

About 30 meters from the entry, there is a charming little alley with several colorful shops selling everything from artisan bread, organic cosmetic products, fashions, arts, crafts, and house decorations. The owner of the bakery Revoluções Pães Artesanais, is happy to speak in French or English to you; he makes his products in a woodfired oven that gives his bread a rustic taste.

A bit further down the alley there are several big, covered spaces that are used for things like yoga sessions, arts and crafts courses, and other activities. One of the more unique workshops is offered by Together Cafés Especiais where you learn the art of roasting and preparing coffee.

At the end of the alley, delightfully camouflaged by the trees and the plants is the restaurant Cozinhas da Terra. Surrounded by huge trees and a wall of green plants is a big outdoor seating area that a German biergarten. The cuisine is Brazilian, and they serve dishes from all corners of the country. It looks delicious and it is rather affordable, but make sure you make a booking as this place is quite popular.

In all, it is a wonderful place to visit, a place where you can get lost in nature and the setting and the shops and the food, and easily make an afternoon of it.

TIP: When leaving the nursery area to go back to Brasilia by car, DO NOT get on the main street. If you do, you have a long way to get back into Brasilia. Instead use the dirt road right at the end of the nurseries and follow it until you hit the sealed road that gets you back into Brasilia.

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