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11 May 2021

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30 July 2021

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Money Museum of the Central Bank

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In Brasilia


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Now if you think Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, has a lot to offer in museums, you are mightily mistaken. This is a surprise as “the winning architect Lúcio Costa declared that the new city must be orderly and efficient, but also a city of vitality and charm, conducive to reverie and intellectual speculation, capable of becoming not only the seat of Government, the administrative headquarters of the nation, but also a center of culture which will attract to it the finest and most perceptive intellects in the country.” Unfortunately, the museums never quite materialized the way Costa hoped.

One of the few museums that is worth visiting is the Banco Central Museum in the heart of Brasilia.

The museum has two parts. One that is dealing with the history of the monetary development, consistent of banknotes and coins from Brazil and around the world, medals, how money is made as well as how financial transaction were performed in the old world.

The other part is an art collection with over 550 exhibits, ranging from paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures from mainly Brazilian artists.

Another cool exhibit in the museum is about gold, where you can find everything from gold nuggets and bars to the largest gold nugget so far found in Brazil, weighing 60.8 kg.

Entry to the museum is free and you only must present an identification with a photo. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

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