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11 May 2021

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7 June 2021

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Mr Brasilia

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Brasilia has more to offer than one thinks and the best way to explore the city and surroundings is with a tour guide. One of the best tour guides available is “Billy” from Mr Brasilia. Billy operates in and around Brasilia for over 10 years and offers personalized city tours, eco-tourism tours, transfers as well as chauffeur services.

If you want to explore what is around Brasilia talk to Billy and he will sit down with you to discuss your needs. He offers everything from day, weekend tours or if you wish to get out of town for a week or more he can organize this as well

Mr Brasilia caters for personal, small and medium groups and offers transport from cars, vans and buses. And if you are a motorbike enthusiast, he will conduct the tour on his Harley Davidson.

Billy is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian. And if he has a few he also thinks he can talk German. He is a rather quirky character, a lot of fun and his in-depth knowledge everything Brasilia is impressive."

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Customer Comments

If you want a day trip outside the city, Billy does really great tours to Cristalina, Pirenopolis, etc. I went on a Cristalina small group tour with him and it was really fun. My son is still talking about it two years later.
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16/11/21, 12:45 pm

I came here to write a post about Billy and I see there already is one! So I'll just add my experience. When I was brand-new to Brasilia I did a group tour of Brasilia. This is a really great tour - you'll learn not only the layout of the city and the history of why it's been done that way, but also get to see all the big monuments and best architecture. I would really recommend this tour if you have family or friends visiting. You'll learn so much about the city, and your guests will feel like they actually know the city.
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16/11/21, 12:45 pm