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Spencer Sheward

Date Recommended

30 July 2022

Date Updated

30 July 2022

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Parque da Asa Delta

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In Brasilia

Nature & Parks

All Ages


Recommendation from the B4D Forum:

The other day I met one of my personal training clients at his local park (Parque da Asa Delta). I was shocked to learn he’d never been there. One thing to like about Brasilia is its weather and parks, so get outside people!

I thought I’d write reviews of some of the best parks I’ve been to, as motivation for people to get outside more. Many people who arrive in Brasilia usually end up putting on weight. Some complain that the city isn’t suitable for cycling and walking compared to their home countries. But having beautiful parks within reaching distance for most, in my humble opinion, makes up for this.

Parque da Asa Delta is situated in Lago Sul between QL 12 and 14. Firstly, let me talk about the negatives. There is no allocated parking for the park, most people will use the car park to Deck Brasil (shopping) and have to cross a busy road. I suggest you use the crossing down the road unless you’ve got Usain-Bolt-like ability. Another negative for me is you don’t see any vendors inside the park, there have been times I would murder for an ice cold água de coco while walking round.

On the other hand, the positives are numerous!
Dogs and push bikes are allowed. You can see some beautiful views of the lake and JK bridge. There’s a long path that runs adjacent to the lake and links you to Parque Península Sul. There are a few security guards, but the park is so big that during quiet periods you can walk for a long time without seeing anyone. Since there’s a cycle, run /walk path, and situated next to the lake you will see triathlon groups training there.

Here’s a workout for you guys to try if you feel you’re ready for this type of intensity. Make sure you warm up properly, then pick your best path up to the main hill in the park.

Sprint up the hill and slow walk down
Complete 20 star jumps
15 push ups
10 squats
5 burpees
Rest until you can easily breathe through your nose or heartbeat 130bpm (depending on age)
Repeat up to five sets or as many times as you can in 30 minutes.
*Adjust the workout to fit your level. If you need any help with making this routine fit your level contact me +55 (61) 98257-8669.

✅ Great views
✅ Bikes allowed
✅ Limited security
✅ Dog friendly
✅ Partly shaded
❌ Limited parking
❌ Very few benches

- Spencer Sheward:
Personal Trainer
Boxing & Kickboxing Coach
Precision Nutrition Coach PN1
+55 (61) 98257-8669

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