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16 June 2021

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16 June 2021

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Pedra Fundamental de Brasília

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This is a suggestion for a weekend outing (likely without agglomerations): The Foundation Stone of Brasília.

It is an obelisk located on the Morro do Centenário, 9 km from Planaltina, about 40 km north of the center of Brasilia. It was built upon a decree by President Epitácio Pessoa to commemorate the centenary of the Independence of Brazil, on September 7, 1922. At that time, despite the change of capital into the interior already required by the Constitution, there was no concrete plan for the construction of Brasilia.

The president determined that the obelisk should be within the limits of the "Cruls Rectangle", demarcated at the end of the 19th century.

The Foundation Stone is the symbol of a city that was still an idea at that time, when nobody had an idea that it would really be erected 38 years later by Juscelineo Kubitschek, within the Cruls Rectangle.

From this place, you can also visit the satellite city of Planaltina, the Pequizeiros Ecological Park, and the mystic community of Vale do Amanhecer.

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