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Vitor Choi Feitosa

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25 May 2021

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26 July 2021

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Tauá Alexânia Resort

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Around Brasilia

Leisure Activities

All Ages


I must start this post with a disclaimer. I've never been a fan of all-inclusive resorts until I was gifted with nephews, and maybe most of the people without kids in their life will not understand it either.

This is an all-inclusive resort within a short driving distance, about 1h30 drive from Brasilia. It features a water park, panoramic swimming pools, huge buffet-style restaurants, sports bar, pool bar, SPA and perhaps the most important feature to all guardians of little devils: supervised activities for children! Oh, and there's also a huge convention center in the complex, but who cares...

The resort was opened in 2020 and is still under construction but they've taken measures to minimize the visual or audible noise.

I must mention something that really bothers me in this all-inclusive resort: isn't really all-inclusive. Drinks of any kind are not included. That would be okay if they didn't try to sell me a half liter bottle of water for f*** 5 reais. I've considered drinking tap water but I didn't knew what kind of treatment they use and in the end I found two sources of "free" drinking water: one is during the breakfast and the other is on the baby food prep center, in the 1st floor of the apartment buildings, near the elevators.

All things considered it was a nice weekend trip. Just remember to bring your own drinking water. :)

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