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Brasilia by Bicycle

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Getting Around


Riding a bike in Brasilia can be a challenge if you do not stick to the designated bike lanes. If you ride on the main roads, extreme cautious is advised as not all car drivers are respectful of bike riders. Also watch the many potholes in the road and the bike lanes.

Currently Brasilia has over 420 km of designated bike lanes and is planning to extend that to over 1200 km in the coming years.

In Lago Sul and Lago Norte there are extensive bike lanes which are safe. In the Jardim Botânico neighborhood bike lanes exist on the main road only and if you want to ride over the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Ponte das Garças and Ponte Presidente Costa e Silva (the three bridges connecting Lago Sul with Asa Sul) there are no specific bike lanes, so one has to be extremely careful.

In the Plano Piloto area there are plenty of bike lanes.

Parque da Cidade Sarah Kubitschek, or Parque da Cidade, is the main park in Brasilia and located in Asa Sul. This is a place where you find plenty of designated bike lanes which can get very busy on weekends.

You will find plenty of off-road bike trails around Brasilia.

When riding a bike it is advised that you carry a puncture repair kit with you.

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