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Brasilia by Foot

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Getting Around


Brasilia was designed for cars, not pedestrians. Full stop. If you live in Asa Sul and Asa Norte, the apartment blocks are well within walking distance to the commercial blocks where you go to supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and other stores.

If you want to go to any special shops or areas, walking is not the best choice, unless you like a long hike and have plenty of time. There is a public transport system, but that leaves a lot to be desired. In other words, if you do not have your own transport, you might want to try Uber or 99 (the local ride-share service which is quite cheap).

About pedestrian crossings, please do not expect them to function like in the rest of the world. Drivers will not stop for you when they see you at the side of the road at a crossing. You have to give the famous "sign of life" (extending your arm horizontally in front of you from the sidewalk) and the drivers will stop for you to cross safely.

General Warning

While Brasilia is general secure, there are areas where you should not wander during night-time, like the Rodoviária do Plano Piloto, the central bus station, or the tunnels under the Eixo, which is one of the main roads from east to west in Brasilia and divides the western part of Brasilia from the eastern part. During nighttime these tunnels are a favorite hunting place for criminal elements and should be avoided.

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