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BH3 Weekend Away Hash: A Weekend of Fun, Tradition, and Generosity

By Welf Herfurth

The BH3 Weekly Away Hash, an annual event eagerly anticipated by hashers, took place recently, and it was an overwhelming success. This weekend extravaganza featured various activities, including the renowned Red Dress Run, a thrilling main hash event, and a rejuvenating Hangover Hash. Let's delve into the highlights of this exciting weekend filled with camaraderie, charitable contributions, and memorable experiences.

Friday Night - Red Dress Run

Kicking off the weekend was the Red Dress Run on Friday evening, an event that never fails to captivate participants and onlookers alike. The bustling streets of Pirenópolis became a vibrant runway as 25 hashers gathered promptly at 18:30, bedecked in their finest red dresses. Paraguayan Ban The Cock, alongside BH3's Union Jack-Off and Opulence, orchestrated the trail, guiding hashers through the historical center and surrounding areas of the city.

The sight of everyone in red dresses drew whistles from locals, sparking curiosity and prompting many inquiries. Hashers gladly explained the tradition behind the Red Dress Run, distributing calling cards along the way. Following a short circle and warm words from the Hashmaster, the

group settled into a reserved restaurant for a delightful dinner. Their arrival was marked by a heartening encounter with Cindy, the president of PiriCastra, a local animal charity. The night ensued with abundant drinks, delectable food, and generous contributions.

True to Red Dress Run tradition, participants collected donations, which, combined with the leftover registration fees, amounted to an impressive R$3220. Cindy expressed her gratitude for the generous contribution toward her charity, setting the stage for a night of revelry and celebration.

Saturday - Main Hash

Saturday unfolded with the much-anticipated main Hash event. Hares Rambone, Union Jack-Off, Opulence, and Just Trinidade set off at 9:00 to blaze the trail. The starting point was the picturesque Cervejaria Casarão, a renowned artisan beer brewery located approximately 2 km outside Pirenópolis.

Around 11:30, hashers converged at the brewery to savor a delicious lunch. At precisely 13:00, the welcome circle commenced, welcoming approximately 36 hashers. Following a briefing, the pack divided into walkers and runners, eventually reuniting at the beer stop. While the walkers enjoyed scenic bush trails and a hanging bridge, the runners braved a steep dirt road leading to a captivating slate quarry.

The beer stop provided a refreshing oasis, with hashers indulging in a swim despite the chilly waters. After a delightful 45-minute respite, the pack embarked on the final leg toward the end point. Circles ensued, encompassing a more extensive range of activities compared to the previous night. Warm greetings were extended to hashers from Rio, Sao Paulo, and Asuncion, while trail crimes were addressed. Sadly, the occasion also marked a farewell to two Brasilia H3 Hashers who were bidding adieu and returning to Budapest permanently.

The evening witnessed a joyous reunion at a riverside bar, where pizza, adult games, and pre-birthday festivities set the tone. Traditional Hash songs and revelry filled the air until late into the night, culminating in hashers returning to their accommodations, tired yet eager for the Hangover Hash that awaited them.

Sunday - Hangover Hash

Sunday morning brought the Hangover Hash, with hares I Lost Myself, Dr. Credulous Pussy, and NoDong Too Long rising early to set the trail through Pirenópolis' historical district. At 9:00, 27 hashers gathered, overcoming the dual challenges of early rising and the lingering effects of the previous night's golden ale indulgence. The cobblestone roads posed an additional hurdle, yet what better remedy for a hangover than a 5km walk/run? A beer stop along the way provided a welcome respite, culminating in a farewell circle at the end.

As some participants embarked on their journeys homeward, others convened at VagaFogo, an idyllic old homestead, for an exquisite brunch extending until around 15:00. Fond farewells were exchanged, and the unanimous sentiment echoed throughout: this weekend had been truly exceptional, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next adventure.

The BH3 expressed heartfelt gratitude to Just Lindo, Threesome and Woodick from the Rio kennel, Hot Duck from the Sao Paulo kennel, and Ban The Cock and Double Dutch Mountain from the Asuncion kennel for their presence and contributions to the weekend's festivities. New friendships were forged, and the BH3 took pride in hosting these esteemed hashers.

Furthermore, the BH3 extended their sincere appreciation to the hares who crafted memorable trails, as well as the individuals responsible for organizing the cake and party games. Their collective efforts and teamwork ensured the resounding success of this weekend event.

This BH3 Weekly Away Hash provided hashers with a remarkable weekend filled with cherished traditions, adventurous trails, and the spirit of giving. From the captivating Red Dress Run to the exhilarating main hash and the invigorating Hangover Hash, each day held its unique charm and excitement. The event exemplified the enduring appeal of the hashing community, leaving participants yearning for the next opportunity to gather and create lasting memories.

On On!


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