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Digital Driver's License & Vehicle Registration

Carteira Nacional de Habilitação Digital

In 2020 DETRAN launched its digital platform where people can store their driver’s license (Carteira Nacional de Habilitação Digital (CNH)), vehicle registration papers (Certificado de Registro e Licenciamento do Veículo (CRLV)), as well as get access to their traffic fines and how many points they have accumulated. Currently DETRAN will still mail out the driver’s license and vehicle registration papers in paper form, but this will eventually stop, and everything will be digital.

To download the app on your mobile devise is free of charge and can be done via the App Store and Google Play.

Currently there are two different versions available for downloading: the CNH Digital and Carteira Digital de Trânsito.

“The Digital Transit Card (CDT) is the evolution of CNH Digital. Now, in addition to the National Driver's License - CNH, it is also possible to download the digital version of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate - CRLV (Vehicle Document)."


- To use CRLV Digital, before downloading the application, check if your state is able to issue CRLV Digital;

- To use CNH Digital, check if your printed CNH already has a QR Code on the back (CNHs issued from 01/05/2017).

CNH Digital and CRLV Digital are the digital versions of the National Driver's License, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate with the same legal value as the respective printed versions.

The digital versions bring additional advantages that provide greater mobility, practicality and convenience through:

- Easy sharing of information (export to PDF with digital signature (.P7S) in the ICP-Brasil standard with legal validity according to MP 2.200-2 / 2001 ). This avoids the printing and / or digitization of documents, as well as eliminating notary authentication;

- You can have your authenticity, reliability and integrity easily validated through the Vio application. To do this, simply download the Vio app and point the reader at the QR Code of your digital document.”

(Source: Google Play Store)

You do not have to download both versions, only the Carteira Digital de Trânsito. If you have the old version, we advise to upgrade it.

Now do the following:

· Download the app.

· Create account with your CPF and full name.

· Agree to the conditions and press advance.

· Answer the security questions and press advance.

· Choose the option you want to receive the security code to activate your account and press advance.

· Enter the security code.

· Create password.

You will now be directed to the home screen:

· Enter the app with your CPF.

· Enter your e-mail for a one-off identity verification.

· Enter the sent numeric code you receive via e-mail on the app and press authorize.

· Successful app install.

Now follow the directions to access your driver license and vehicle registration documentation.


If you are ever stopped by the police in a traffic control and you do not have your driver’s license or vehicle registration papers on you, you can be in a lot of trouble depending on the officer’s mood. So make sure you have them with you.


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