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Eixo Rodoviario - Playground on Sundays

The Eixo Rodoviario is one of the busiest streets in Brasilia, but that all changes on Sundays and public holidays when it is closed from 6:00 to 18:00; the Eixo Rodoviarioo becomes the Eixo do Lazer. All the traffic in the north to south direction is diverted on the two roads running parallel, Eixo Rodoviario east and west (ERL & ERW). Instead of cars and motorbikes you will see bicycle riders, people walking and running, rollerblades, skaters and scooters on this important artery. And you will find beside the road on the grass areas jumping castles, food and beer trucks. From time to time you will also find large food fairs and sporting events taken place on these days. It is also possible to rent bicycles and tricycles by an hourly rate. Between July and September, the ipês (a typical tree of the Cerrado) blooms in their fantastic bright colors of white, yellow, purple or pink, it is especially spectacular as the Eixo Rodoviario is full of them. It is a great place to go on these days and explore the 13 km stretch by any means, just not by car or motorbike.


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